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  Our laboratory

So far, we have successfully established two own private label brands that were launched purely online without classical marketing communication. These brands also serve as testing environment for new ideas and strategies.

Label: InnoNature

Target group: People with awareness for health and nutrition

Product: Supplements

Performance: 5.000 orders on in 12 months and following fanbase of over 5.000 social media followers that come back for repeat buys monthly on the own online store

Insight: Brandstory and open communication make a huge difference, influencer marketing can be a big success if used the right way

Label: Super Active Sports MARTIAL

Target group: Martial artists

Product: Sports accessories

Performance: Over 500.000€ revenue last year funded by an initial invest of 5.000€

Insight: With the right products and branding can be a great way to launch a new brand into any market.

  There are many possible partnering models

Potential role of commerce&

  Investment Connector

Connecting start ups that are in the business of selling physical products to capital.


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